Help modding with borderlands

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Help modding with borderlands

Post by rwddrifter18 on Wed Feb 10, 2010 12:44 am

i need help modding borderlands.
i want to be able to mod the guns like damage, element, fire rate, clip size, accuracy, and make the bullets spin and the wave thing ect. , and change how many bullets it shots at once.
also how to make your own gun like add parts to it change the body or barrel, because it is confusing.

if you can teach me how to do this over team viewer or find a really really good tut thanks.

This is a gun i made tell me if it is going to work or whats wrong..
weapon-launcher rocker
manufactures- jakobs
weapon type- rocket launcher
semiauto sniper- body 5
sniper rifle grip- grip 3 gearbox
patrol smg- mag 5
repwater pistol- the dove_barrel4
sheps elephant gun sight none
rocket launcher- stock5
acc- atlas orge explosive
acc- sands draco incendiary
materialparts- prefix atlas1 white
smg mag 5
title- accuracy1 cobra

it keeps saying that it going to be lvl 0 to use.

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Re: Help modding with borderlands

Post by chaoseclipse01 on Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:13 pm

Jakobs doesn't make Rocket Launchers. If you look at all the grips under the lineup is as follows:

.grip1 - Vladof
.grip2 - Dahl
.grip3 - Maliwan
.grip3_Gearbox - (Says Maliwan in WT, but it belongs to GB)
.grip4 - Torgue
.grip5 - Atlas

Without a grip for a weapon for that specific manufacturer after the patch 1.30, the weapon is automatically deleted from your list upon load.

As far as the rest of it goes, you have to assemble everything using the parts specifically for that weapon. The only weapons that share off other weapons listings are Machine Pistols (Uses Repeater parts), Support MG (Uses Combat MG parts), Semiauto Sniper (Uses Sniper Parts), Assault Shotgun (Uses Combat Shotgun parts).

However, you can mix up combinations of the same-type weapon, so long as the manufacturer happens to be the same. Take my repeater for example:


If you read, it says the weapon is the Chiquito Amigo, made by Tediore. I got tired of the fact this particular pistol ate through my entire repeater capacity in the matter of two minutes, so I decided to make the pistol contain the Protector body (Another Tediore weapon, body3_Tediore_Protector). Since they're both Repeater Pistols, and both made by the same manufacturer, they can be combined together to create a useable weapon after patch 1.30.

Also, the only two slots that can be mixed up with all weapon listings is the Prefix and Title slots. The only thing those slots effect on what the name, the colorgrade, and some of the weapon effects of said weapon.

One last note, the Action Slot only applies to Repeater Pistols. Every other weapon type ignores that slot. I hope that helped you out.


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