Hex Editing Weapon Levels

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Hex Editing Weapon Levels

Post by OG Juice Box on Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:17 am

This guide will show you how to hex edit weapon levels this is used to make stock weapons super powerful and in some cases, like the slow motion rocket launcher I posted in My Last Thread. It will show you how to lower its level so you may equip it in game.

Step 1:

First you will need to get your .sav file onto your computer if you need help with this there are many ways of which I went into a little more detail in on My Last Thread. However if you don't know how to do this its easier to figure it out from youtube video's than a written guide so please look one up.

Step 2:

After you have your .sav on your computer open up Willowtree and load your file.

Now that you have your file open in willow tree click on the weapons tab.

If your character already has weapons in his inventory they will be displayed here. Since my account has no items my box is empty. Now click New in the weapons list box and a "New Weapon" should appear at the bottom of the list.

Click on the "New Weapon" that has just appeared. Now there are a few things you can do from here, you can import a new weapon from a File, Clipboard, or XML File. Or you can simply put together your own weapon. If you have never made a weapon before I suggest you use the Gear Calculator over at BLModding.

If you have never made a weapon before I suggest you use the Gear Calculator over at BLModding. But for this tutorial we will be using the Slow Motion Rocket Launcher from my last thread. However since I cannot yet post links I will provide a new copy of the weapon code here:


Copy the code and switch back to willow tree then use the import from clipboard option.

If you get a message that says, "Invalid clipboard data. Reverting to saved data." You copied the code wrong just try again you need the entire code including the numbers at the bottom. Once you have successfully imported the code you should get this.

Now drag the slider bars for quality and level to the lowest setting both should read Disabled. Then check and make sure remaining ammo is set to 0 and equipped slot is set to unequipped (if you used a different weapon code and they are not already set to this level.) If you used the code for my rocket launcher they should already be there. Now click save changes in the New Weapon Box.

This should of changed "New Weapon" to the name of the gun in this case "Stomper Stomper" as you can see above.

Now double click the last weapon part of your weapon and it should bring up a box like this.

Then right click and copy the code.

Now a little important information...
If the weapon is not a scorpio you should be able to adjust weapon level and quality by sliding the bars back and forth. If you are making a high quality gun each quality level has a required minimum weapon level, for example a weapon with a quality level of 5 must be level 48 or higher. Also every time you make a change to the weapon you will want to click save changes, if you switch to another weapon while in the middle of making your gun to look at something you will loose your progress unless you saved it. But since for this guide we are using my gun and it is a scorpio slide them both to disabled and lets continue.

Click on the WillowTree Logo Then the "Save..." Option. This should automatically create a backup of your save for you and name it "(YourFileName).sav.bak." You may want to keep this file if your are not sure what you are doing just encase. Now close the WillowTree program and open your hex editor program. In this guide I will be using HxD the same program I referenced in my last thread. I cannot and will not post a link as I am a new member of the site and cannot post links for 7 days, and I do not want to be the cause of you getting youself a virus. If you would like HxD google it and you should find a download link easy enough.

Step 3:

Once you have HxD open it and load up your .sav file, it should look something like this:

Now click Search then Find and a box should pop up, something like this.

Now paste the code that we copied at the end of step 2 into the search box. If you are using a different gun it will be the last piece in your gun, however if you are using my gun it will be.


After you paste it in the search bar click the OK button. You should get this:

Now there are a few key things you should notice in this picture.

1. The stuff highlighted in blue is the same as the stuff highlighted in yellow.

This is because the weapon has the same prefix as it does title which means in game the weapon will be named Stomper Stomper the reason this is named stomper stomper is because stomper is a title that slows down bullet velocity(bullets travel slower.) If you were to change the name to something else it would speed them up. Also if you have more than 1 gun in your inventory with part of its name as stomper the search may find this gun instead if that happens click Search > Find and when the box comes up click the All under Search direction.

Then click the OK button if this still doesn't take you to the correct gun click Search > Find Again until you find your gun. If you have 2 guns both named stomper stomper you are going to want to compare weapon parts or search for your entire weapon code.

2. The stuff circled in red

This is the weapons level it is the 6th, 7th, 8, and 9th hex bytes after the end of the gun name. Each hex byte is made up of 2 digits.

In hex 00 24 00 02 means level 603979778 and since we max at level 69 we can't equip that. Sad

So you want to change that... Depending on what level your character is if you are modding it you probably changed it to level 69 in which case you will want to change it to (00 00 00 47) which translates to 71. The reason you make it 71 is because borderlands subtracts 2 levels from the gun which means in game it will be level 69. If you are not level 71 I suggest looking on google for a Hex to Decimal number converter I don't have the patients right now to type out all of the levels but maybe I will update this post in the future with them. Anyways now that you have changed the level it should look like this.

Then simply click File > Save this should create yet another backup of your .sav file which you may or may not want to keep. But after you save it close HxD and Rehash/Resign it in CONcept or a different Rehash/Resign program and transfer it back to your system load up your save and test it out!

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