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Windows Visual Basic Commands!(VB) Empty Windows Visual Basic Commands!(VB)

Post by Sir Daniel on Tue Feb 23, 2010 2:19 pm

Command, cscript - Run a VBS/WSH Script
Command, .Run command
Command, .Exec execute command
Command, .AppActivate activate running command

Drive Map - .MapNetworkDrive
Drive Map, list - .EnumNetworkDrives
Drive Map, remove - .RemoveNetworkDrive

Echo text .Echo
Echo text to StdOut.Write
Echo, popup .Popup
Environment, read env variables - .Environment
Environment, expand env variables - .ExpandEnvironmentStrings
Environment, delete env variables - .WshEnvironment.Remove
Environment, echo .ComputerName
Environment, echo .UserName
Environment, echo .UserDomain

Log an item in the Event log .LogEvent

Object, create - .CreateObject
Object, get - .GetObject
Object, disconnect- .DisconnectObject

Path of wscript.exe - .Name
Path to current directory - .CurrentDirectory
Pathname of wscript.exe - .FullName
Pathname of script being run - .ScriptFullName
Path to desktop,start menu.. - .SpecialFolders
Printer, add printer - .AddPrinterConnection
Printer, add Network printer - .AddWindowsPrinterConnection
Printer, list printers - .EnumPrinterConnections
Printer, set default printer - .SetDefaultPrinter
Printer, remove printer - .RemovePrinterConnection

Quit - .Quit

Registry, delete - .RegDelete
Registry, read - .RegRead
Registry, write - .RegWrite

Send Keys - .SendKeys
Shortcut,create - .CreateShortcut
Sleep - .Sleep

text input - .ReadLine
text output - .Write
Version of wscript - .Version
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