unlimited care package glitch

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unlimited care package glitch Empty unlimited care package glitch

Post by hijacker1231 on Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:49 pm

This will explain how to get unlimited care packages the "unpatched" way. When you have the care package in your hand you must find an object you can climb over. While climbing over the object press the right d pad twice therefore landing with the care package in your hand. If done right you should be able to throw the care package. if you end up dieing before taking the care package you will have another one so don't worry. If you do take the care package just simply use it and you will have another.If it is a resupply there are two options you can do before getting another one. One way is you can kill yourself therefore you spawn with another.If you get another killstreak just use that one and you will have another care package. If you follow those instructions each time you want another care package it will work. :cheers:


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