Fourm Rules

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Fourm Rules

Post by Sir Taylor™ on Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:24 am

These are the forum rules, everyone must comply with them..NO EXCEPTIONS!

1. No pornographic or explicit material can be posted on the forum or in chatbox, this may result in a permanent ban!
2. No offensive language will be tolerated on the forums or in chatbox, this will result in a permanent ban!
3. You must respect others.
4. Rasict comments will not be tolerated, this will result in a permanent ban!
5. You may NOT spam any other forum/gaming sites trying to recruit members, this will result in a permanent ban!
6. Spamming our forum to get your post count up will result in a 3 day, IP ban.
7. To get in any type of lobby you must have 50 posts or more. Spam will not be tolerated.
8. Always post in the right spot. Just do not post in random sections.

If you see someone abusing these rules, please contact and admin or the site owner.

Thank you,
Tasty Mods Staff
Sir Taylor™
Sir Taylor™

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