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Post by Sir Daniel on Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:20 pm

To make the Magic Memory Stick we will be using Rain's Ultra Lite MMS Maker. To use this program your PSP doesn't have to be running Custom firmware

1) Download Rain's Ultra Lite MMS Maker and the 5.00 Official Eboot -- rapidshare.com MMS_Maker_5-00___Eboot.rar

2) Extract both items

3) Connect your PSP to the computer then run RainUltraLiteMMS.exe

[PSP]Make a Magic Memory Stick 34479838

4) In the Rain's Simple MMS Maker window, tick the "Format Memory Stick" box, then click Make MMS

5) You should now be prompted to find the 5.00 Official Eboot. It should be in the same directory as RainUltraLiteMMS.exe

6) Wait as it installs

[PSP]Make a Magic Memory Stick 93031723

7) When done, some text saying "Make MMS is Finished" should appear above the progress bars. You now have a Magic Memory Stick

[PSP]Make a Magic Memory Stick 9149349

You WILL need a magic memory stick and a pandora battery too upgrade too a CFW. You CANNOT downgrade a PSP Series 3000. Also if you have OFW 6.20 from sony(downloaded on PSP or put onto memory stick) this will NOT work.
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