Ayers's system link modding

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Ayers's system link modding

Post by cameronayers1 on Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:52 am

Helllooo everyone, here is proof of my System link modding;

Doing this will get you account:
.Whatever prestige you want it !
.Leaderboard hack !
.All Chellenges !
.All titles and ebelems !

If you want in on this it is $25 to camayers_41@hotmail.com and leave as a gift also i will need your account details as i am doing it through system link so you must have MSN or AIM to contact me over i will be doing them proballly everyday just contact me for more info about it :
XBL: Ayers x

Teddy also does the same $25 for his aswell his paypal email is ppbb94@gmail.com to contact him:
Aim: ppbb94
MSN: ppbb94@gmail.com

Common questions asked:

How can i trust you ?
Well i have been confirmed by Sir Jake and i have video proof of my lobby that i can show you.

Do you acept MSP ?
Mailny i only acept paypal, there is only a few times where i would acept MSP.

Can i get in for free ?
Urmm no... GO AWAY !

If i pay can i do 2 accounts ?
Pay another $25 and we got a deal

Is this a lobby ?
NOO! This is not a lobby it is system link modding, it is no way shape or form a lobby

How much to rent ?
You cant rent !

I will be doing these everyday all i need is the money and ill do your account straight away when the money has been sent please contact me though because i need your account details !!
Thanks guys.
Cameron Ayers
Please could a Admin make a new account and verify me please !

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Re: Ayers's system link modding

Post by Sir Jake on Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:13 pm

Ok srry misunderstanding he is legit 100% he was confirmed by me

Sir Jake

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